Wednesday 25 November 2015


Answers from the Author

What got you into it? 

I used to draw a lot in my childhood, but when I got older I lost my interest in it somehow. After some years, I think I was 15 or 16, a friend and I discovered this whole digital stuff with programs like fireworks, photoshop etc. and I started to do things with it. Things like taking a photo, re-arranging it, destroying it, just fucking it up. And that’s basically what I still do. With time I started to create some show flyers just for fun and one day I made one for a "rise and fall" show in Berlin. I created a facebook event for it, including the flyer and after some days the organizer contacted me and he was a bit upset because they had contracts and all that saying that the promo couldn't start at this point especially when it is not official. Ge said as a redemption I could send him the flyer and everything is cool. From this point on I made a lot of flyers and posters for them ("stateless society" in Berlin) and the whole Razoreater thing started. So actually it was a bit weird.

What inspired you at the beginning? 

Puh, good question. I always loved horror movies (surprise) so this is a major influence I guess. When I was 11 I started to listen to Marilyn Manson and I think this was also a big influence. The old stuff was awesome! Because of this band I listen to harder music I would say.

Favourite piece you have been commissioned for?

Oh that’s hard. As an artist I’m never really satisfied with my stuff. I could always change or add something here and there but it would be a never ending story so at some point I just have to stop and send it away. But I really liked the digisleeve for Deathseekers and the 12” for Ravage Ritual. Shirts are cool but I prefer to do album art in general.

Favourite band/genre?

Nothing specific. I have a few favorite bands like Interpol, Massive Attack, Young and in the way, Nine Inch Nails, Gus Gus, Rise and Fall… so you see not so many “extreme” bands actually. Speaking of genres, I like darkened hardcore, very primitive death metal and grindcore, drum and bass, trip hop, some doom metal and so on. I listen to a lot of stuff.

Any tips?

So if you mean graphic tips or something like that I would say, do what you want to do and if you’re working like me with photos and all this kind of stuff, create a photostock database you can use!

Favourite food?

Anything fast food. but you can always catch me with italian food, especially pizza! Thanks for the support! :)

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