Wednesday 25 November 2015


This dark, atmospheric, crust 3-piece from Scotland have made waves around Europe recently, and with good cause. A relatively young band of about 6 years old, they achieved a lot in this time despite some line up changes. From the humble beginnings of the 'Blasphemy EP', they have developed stylistically, and matured a lot into their own sound. Today, they play an emotive brand of atmospheric crust, laden with effects, and drilled full of d-beats.

Their last release was a split 12" with Link from Belgium, in which they delivered a monster one-track crust odyssey which clocks in at nearly 16 minutes from start to finish. This was put out in 2013, so after 2 years, there is much anticipation for this upcoming 7", named 'Traverse'.

A 3 track EP, this release in no way compromises from the previous 16 minute track. In fact, the band seem to have taken the strongest aspects from their arsenal of musicology, and distilled it to a purer, unadulterated form; which, as a result of compressing the quality of song-writing and production Absolutist have come to be known for, means this release packs a fucking punch.

Awesome artwork by Denise from Dogs & Vultures!

The band are embarking on a tour in Greece, UK, and Ireland this Summer, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

'Traverse' will be released in August by Chainbreaker Records, Distro-y Records, Broken Limbs Records, Bomb This Shit Productions, Holy Goat Records, Mind Control Records, Never Fall Into Silence, Pumpkin Records, and Svoboda Records.

You can now buy the EP from Chainbreaker here!

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