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Okus T-shirts are now available from our webshop here, or alternatively you can grab one from the distro at a show! Available in sizes S/M/L/XL - LIMITED QUANTITY!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


So the Scourge LPs finally arrived and man they're looking and sounding fucking great. There's nothing quite like hearing a vinyl for the first time, it really has like way more character than other formats... I guess it's hard to explain, but it's that feeling you get when you've been looking forward to getting your hands on a record and it finally arrives, and you sit back and enjoy. The Scourge LP is no different, and it was an absolute fucking joy to finally get to listen to this on vinyl!

So the vinyls are here yes, we will also be getting some Okus - Scourge t-shirts in (available in S/M/L/XL) in VERY limited quantities - and I want one for myself so you may get ordering that shit haha.

You can buy the record or vinyl/t-shirt bundle:
T-shirts will be hopefully coming soon - full album is up for streaming also. Enjoy!


I was made this when I was on tour and it was fucking awesome - so I got a hold of the recipe :3 It's basically like a stew, I'd recommend adding some chilli for an extra kick!

You will need:

  • seitan or soy protein
  • mushrooms
  • onion
  • garlic
  • dark (mushroom) soy sauce
  • caraway
  • black ground pepper
  • liquid smoke
  • soy cream

I really don't know amounts haha because I don't use proper measurements hahaha

Seitan is better marinated 2-3 hours before in a mixture of soy sauce with little bit of liquid smoke (if you don't have time you don't have to, but it taste better :-) )

There should be same amount of onion / mushrooms / seitan.

So put garlic and onion in hot oil, leave till it start to looks like glass, then add mushrooms and wait approximately 5 minutes.... then add seitan, soy sauce and mix it for a few seconds.

Add some water, carraway, and pepper and let it boil in middle heat for 15-20 mins.

I'm personally tasting it after 5 minutes and adding soy sauce/liquid smoke/ pepper/caraway/salt if needed.

After 15-20 mins (when the mushrooms are done) you switch off heat and add soy cream and leave 4-5 min.

Then you should be able to serve it!!:-)

Thanks so much to my friend Conair for the recipe!!


Hi guys! Thanks for doing the interview, I really appreciate it!


First of all can you tell us who you are and what you do in the band, and
one strange fact about another member of the band...

At the moment we are five guys from three different cities - Stockholm(the capital), Gävle and Västerås.
Andreas(guitar) and Magnus(vocals) have been around since the start in 2007 and Joel(drums) + Jimmy(guitar) since 2009. Max(bass) joined us last year.

About the strange fact that is indeed a bit strange, is that Jimmy actually have been casted as a body double in the Swedish crime movie series Johan Falk, doing stuff that Joel Kinnaman can´t do. He also did some screenings in the mid 90´s movie Sökarna.

So, Passiv Dödshjälp translates to Passive Euthanasia. What does this represent from your perspective?

It´s simply a metaphor for a broken heart. About how endings almost feels like if somebody is killing you (mentally).

Overall, you have a very melodic and heavy crust sound which has been quite consistent. What are your influences, and what bands are you listening to at the moment?

Shit, that´s a though one but most of us are very into death and black metal. The whole thing about the melodies(that first were inspired by the local band Meleeh) were to provoke the crust punk elitist. You know, if it´s too well played and not with a shitty sound you quickly can become a target. Pretty funny, I mean in a scene that claim themselves to represent unity and not shallow boundaries. Even a "not enough" patched jacket can make people look down at you, no matter how important lyrics you write.

Tecken på idioti has just been released on Phobia Records (it's sounding fucking great by the way!) and you guys are ALREADY back in the studio! What are you up to?!

We have recently been in the studio, yes! The plan is to release a 12" split with the German crust punk band Exilent. We are bringing four songs + an intro to the table. Hopefully this piece will get out this fall.

Do you have any plans for touring this year?

No, not actually. We are playing in Sthlm at the Anti Social festival in August and after that I think we are going to chill and start writing for the 4th album. We prefer to get asked for gigs and not to beg for them. There have been some loose talk about an album title "Genom nålar och eld" (English translation: Through Fire and Needles".

What is the best and worst meal you've got when on tour?

The best meal must have been during a show in Hameln, Germany,there was a big veggie BBQ outside and a during the day after we got this big breakfast with various stuff + coffee and such. About the worst meal it´s always in Sweden - mashed tomatoes and dry rice.
Gotta stay classy!

What are your thoughts on the crust/d-beat scene in Sweden at the moment?

70% Elitism, 30% decent people. It´s funny cause it´s true.

Do any of you play in other musical projects?

Yes. Joel plays in Makabert Fynd, Irritation, Kronisk Misantropi, Förgiftad, Slaktrens, Gast and Asylium. haha
Andreas plays in Förgiftad and Kronisk Misantropi. Jimmy does some death metal at the spare time, but nothing too serious.
Max plays in Dobermann Cult.

Thanks so much for the interview guys, hope the release(s!) goes well! 



Hey! Thanks a lot for doing this interview you amazing people! So can you introduce yourself and describe another band member in 4 words!

Keith: Guitar, Jasmine: Bass, Ethan: Vocals, Giacomo: Drums

We don't need four words, just two: Straight Fuckin'edge.

What are the ideals behind Torso?

Self-mastery, respect, and the healing powers of the d-beat.

You're playing in England in June, is this part of a bigger European tour? Any details on this? Will this be your first time in Europe?

K: Yes, this is part of a month long European tour. We toured Europe in 2013, and we're excited to be heading back.

You have to tell me the back story to your epic pose (the one with the two girls at the front holding hands and the two guys back to back in the back!)

J: We didn't invent it we just made it look good.

Can you tell us a bit about the scene in California at the moment?

G: There are a lot of sick bands in L.A. and The Bay right now. It's a big scene. Bands to check out: Blazing Eye, The Dark, Fundamental, No Peace, Odio, Violence, Isotope, Strange Faces, Korossive.
Ethan: Profile

You've been pretty productive with putting out releases. Anything coming in 2016?

K: We will release a 12" EP containing the tracks from our demo and our 7" in Europe for the tour. New material is in the works, but likely will not be release by the end of the year.

Thanks so much for the interview, hope to see you at some point when you're over!

Please consider not participating in violence towards animals.

Saturday, 23 April 2016


Managed to suss out how to get the podcast on iTunes so you can get it here. As always it's totally free to download and advertisement free (or at least it should be!). Cheers!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


OKUS are an Irish band who have been blasting out heavy sludge-laden crust with generous helpings of doom, complimented by an overall filthy, blackened approach, for a few years now. Their debut self-titled album was released 3 years ago in 2013, but the band have been very active in that space of time playing gigs and writing new material.

This 10-track beast is perhaps one of our heaviest releases to date. In comparison to their first release, the style is definitely more pacey and vicious, yet every bit as massive as their self-titled. The overall sense of the album is a bleak, misanthropic outlook, with song titles such as 'Buried Deep', 'Practice Profit', and 'Abandon Sun'. The record was recorded at Dead Dog Studios and is being released on Chainbreaker Records and Dis-troy Records. Artwork by the very talented Sean Fitzgerald. Currently one track off this behemoth is up for streaming on our bandcamp here, called 'Buried Deep'. You can also find another track, 'Authority Swarm'  up for streaming on Metal Ireland here. Full album will be up for streaming real soon!

This is our 4th release and so we would like to do something special for it. There are a limited amount of copies available (30) so PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE at the following links:

Here you will find options for a LP pre-order and a LP + T-shirt bundle pre-order (which both come with instant free download and high-quality image of inner sleeve with lyrics from the LP). All pre-orders will be shipped immediately on the 14th of May. Download codes can be redeemed at Cheers!


New podcast with loads of deadly bands like Iskra, Torso, Condition, Born For Slaughter and loads more now on soundcloud and mixcloud!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


A brand new track from the upcoming 'Scourge' LP from OKUS is now available for streaming!

Artwork by Sean Fitzgerald.
'Buried Deep' clocks in at just under 2 minutes, the shortest of any OKUS song to date. It's relentless pace sets the tone for the new album, coming out in May 2016 on Chainbreaker Records and Distroy Records. More info on the release and preorders will be available soon!

For now, have a listen:

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Hi guys, first of all thanks so much for agreeing to do the interview!! So let's get into it!

JON: Cheers brother. Let’s do this.

You have a very busy year ahead of you with a US West Coast Tour, several big festivals including Hellfest, Bloodshed Fest, and Decibel Magazine Tour in Portland, AS WELL as releasing a brand new full-length album.

JON: I wouldn't go as far as saying it’s a busy year, but I guess we’re pretty happy we still get invited to play shows/festivals as there are so many bands out there. With that said we’re always excited to get back on the road. We love getting out of our ordinary lives and play live.

How do you like to prepare for heading away on tour, and what are your key items when on the road?

JON: A few rehearsals is all we really need. As for necessities on the road I’d say:
- A pillow is the most important thing.
- Also gear that you can count on not breaking down.
- Good food and enough alcohol.
- A reliable driver.
- Not getting sick physically. That shit will destroy a tour.

You're playing London in June, does this mean you'll be doing a European Tour around that time?

JON: Nope, the London show we just got so we “do the UK” around the time we do Temples Fest.

'A Dissident' was released in 2011, also on Tankcrimes, and produced by Nico Elgstrand of Entombed. The album had a more metal-orientated and at times epic sound, as seen on tracks like 'Lifetaker', and 'In Control' which is also one of your longest songs to date at over 3 minutes! To what extent do you think Nico was an influence on the album?

JON: He pretty much set the sound and mixed the album. He is an amazing person and maybe we stepped up our game a bit playing wise, but it’s really just the album we wrote at the time (like always). In control is a great song on the album but did never really fit a live situation.

Obviously the album still has a massive punk d-beat sound more similar to your earlier releases, like 'Broken Bones' with it's frantic d-beat pace. 

JON: I think the song Broken Bones is a just a way of giving an old high five to old punk rock/US hardcore. Very melodic and snotty. As the title it refers to an old Broken Bones (the UK band) song structure I stole.

Would you say you have matured musically throughout your releases, and Can you give us any hints as to what we can expect from the new record, 'Sirens'?

JON: We never wanted to do the same record twice. I've only played the record for a few friends so far and their reaction has been “This is epic”. I'm going with the Bruce Dickinson answer here: It’s our best record so far. And the songs are a few seconds longer than previous releases I think.

You formed around 1997 so have been going for nearly 20 years, which in punk is a lifetime. What are some of your craziest shows/moments? Do you have a favourite show?

JON: I'm really happy the band is still going. I've “only” been in the band for 14 years but there have been a lot of stuff happening through the years.
I think personally the craziest thing was me breaking my leg on our first US tour but made it through after surgery and a few days in the hospital (then going home and have something like three weeks off and doing a six week tour with Nasum AGAINST the doctors orders).

Are any of you in other musical projects apart from Victims?

JON: Not any active ones, but the Acursed saga isn't over.

What are you listening to at the moment?

JON: Right now? Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker.
Not much D-beat at all. It’s a dull genre with nothing new improving music, all generic. I did that “your year on Spotify”-thing and I had listened to Två sjundedelar av ett liv by Bäddat för trubbel 1061 times in 2015. I got to do guest vocals with them three times as well.
DHG/Dödheimsgård – A umbra omega made a huge impact as well.
Malign – A Sun to Scorch. A great comeback.
Baroness – Purple and Blue record.
Weezer – Pinkerton
Boltthrower – everything except the really early stuff
Marduk – Frontschwein
Witchcraft – Nucleus
Tonbruket – everything
Funeral Mist - Maranatha

Thanks again for the interview, all the best with the new release, and hopefully I'll catch you at one of your shows!! Cheers!

JON: Thank you brother. Stay safe and we’ll see each other soon.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Agnosy head off to Mexico in March to play some killer crust! Keep an eye out for them :)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


This more of a serving suggestion, using the five-alarm chilli recipe, for a way to use up your chilli but still keep it interesting!

Suitable for vegans.

You need:

Step 1

Add some salad!

Step 2

Add the chilli.

Step 3

Add guacamole, hummus, and whatever else you want! Maybe a few diced tomatoes.

That's a wrap. I got immense satisfaction out of using that pun haha. But seriously, I can't roll wraps for shit, so here's a video showing you how:



Ohhh I admit it... it's only 2-alarm... 2 and a half tops. I just wanted to be a big man in front of the kids.

Suitable for vegans.

Chilli is super versatile, you can have it on its own, served with rice, mixed with rice and used in a burrito, used in a easy chilli wrap, or even thrown on nachos and topped with guacamole and cheese. See? Versatile. Oh yeah and it's super fucking easy to make to boot. This is a variation on the chilli used in the Nacho Mountain recipe, it's pretty much the same with beans for extra fibre!

You need:

  • 1 white onion, finely chopped
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 red pepper, finely diced
  • 1 can mixed beans
  • 1 can tomatoes
  • 1 pack of chilli spice mix (or make your own!*)
  • 2 mixed chillies, finely chopped
  • Brown sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Mixed herbs/oregano/fresh parsley (optional)

Heat olive oil in a pan on medium-high heat.

Add onions and garlic, sauté for a minute, then add peppers with chillies and cook for a further 1-2 minutes until you begin to smell the sweetness of the pepper.

Reduce the heat to a fairly low heat, and add the spice mix. Stir well, coating all the veg.

Once everything is coated nicely, add canned tomatoes immediately, along with about 1/3 cup of water. Stir well.

Bring to the boil, add some salt and pepper, and brown sugar if it needs more depth (this helps bring out the sweetness in the tomatoes!). Stir well, cover, and reduce to low heat.

Let simmer for around 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain the can of beans and add. Stir thoroughly. Let simmer for further 5 minutes.

And done!! Super easy and super quick. For serving suggestions see above. Goes nicely topped with some jalapeños for some colour and extra heat!



Mares Of Diomedes are a sludge, doom duo from Ireland. They're embarking on their first venture to Europe in April, and are looking for some help with shows.

If you can help them, please send them a message on Facebook. Here are the dates so far:

5th - Brest
6th - France *NEED HELP*
7th - Zarautz
8th - Barcelona
9th - France *NEED HELP*
10th - Milan
11th - Italy
12th - Besancon
13th - Strasbourg
14th - Germany *NEED HELP*
15th - Germany/Belgium *NEED HELP*
16th - Ieper
17th - Belgium/France *NEED HELP*


Jungbluth have confirmed dates for their upcoming tour of the UK and Ireland in February!!

12.02. – UK / Brighton, The Hope & Ruin
13.02. – UK / London, DIY Space (matinee)
13.02. – UK / London, Unicorn Camden (free show) 
14.02. – UK / Nottingham, JT Soar
15.02. – UK / Sheffield, The Lughole
16.02. – UK / Leeds, Wharf Chambers
17.02. – UK / Manchester, The Eagle Inn
18.02. – IRL / Belfast, Warzone Centre
19.02. – IRL / Dublin, Newmarket Square
20.02. – IRL / Galway, Warehouse
21.02. – IRL / Waterford, tbc
22.02. – UK / Bristol, Old England Pub
23.02. – UK / Plymouth, Junction 

If you don't know what to expect.... this:

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


We are super psyched to announce our 6th release today! Thanks to everyone for supporting the label and making this possible. CHAIN#004 is possibly our heaviest yet, from a band that rivals the crushing, bleak devastation of Iskra; but with their approach having more of a sludge influence.

Okus play a blackened metallic crust fused with sludge and doom, and this will be their second release following their debut self-titled album. 

We are proud to be a part of the release of their latest record 'SCOURGE' alongside Distroy Records once again. The record will be due out in early April, so stay tuned for artwork and new tracks that will be made available!! Listen to their self-titled release: OKUS.