Sunday 4 February 2024


 Hey!! It's been a while, 2 years actually since the last post on here. I blame a subtle blend of covid, laziness, and general life haha. I'm still active and haven't called it a day just yet! 

I just revamped the WEBSTORE, changing from Shopify to LimitedRun platforms (for cost reasons). Shopify has a monthly rate, whereas LimitedRun offers a percentage of sale per month, which, on a small scale shop such as mine, works better. It's brand new to me, so let me know if you've any issues and we'll sort it out.

Everything is basically the same - same categories with some small exceptions. I added a "From Ireland" category to better represent the amazing punk bands that come from here and give those of you not from Ireland some insight to what we have to offer :) I've also created a GIFT VOUCHER item as an option in case you want to buy someone a record but they're so ridiculously picky with their music taste that no matter what you get they'll be disappointed.

I have a load of stock that I need to add to the store, so I'll be doing that over the coming weeks and hopefully getting new stock soon.

Last but not least, I've got some cool updates coming very soon... dot dot dot!!

Thursday 13 May 2021


I guess lockdown has affected us all in different ways... some people have taken up exercise, some people have sorted out their garden because it's been annoying them for the last 4 years... actually some people have been entirely unaffected which is pretty cool too. 

My coping mechanism has been trying to make plans that I know won't be cancelled, and one of those plans has been some CHAINBREAKER MERCH! Inspired by a combination of boredom and the desire for a new hoodie, I got these designs made up by my good friend Lukasc and also Robyn from Fear My Nerves and the clothing was printed by Absurd Merch based in Sligo, Ireland. 

I got very little of these made (because who can afford to make 1000 hoodies) so if you want one, grab one asap. You can get them through BANDCAMP or through the WEBSHOP.



 Thanks for doing the interview! What are your names and what do you do in the band?

Hey, thanks to you for contacting!

We are Daniel (drums); Miguel (guitar and vocals); and Álex (bass and vocals).

I only discovered you recently, but ‘Anábasis’ has been around since 2018! Where have I been??! Anyone can look up the definition, but in terms of the album name what does Anábasis represent to you?

We are a small band from a small town, nobody knows us hahaha.

Anabasis, for us, means making an expedition into ourselves, a great introspection of how capitalism and patriarchy affect our human condition and the relationships we generate in our day-to-day lives. Without that anabasis, we cannot dynamite those power relations.

The album is currently sold out, any sign of a re-press or do you know if any of the labels have any copies left?

Some labels have told us that they have a missing copy. We don't know who may have Dingleberry in Germany. Some labels have offered us to re-press the album, but we always find it tedious ... everything that has to do with orders, sales and distribution ... is a hassle.

There’s a lot I love about the records as a whole. There’s a lot of thought that has gone into the writing with song structure and overall atmosphere, as well as the imagery and metaphors used lyrically to emphasise the ideals of the band. On a simpler note, I fucking love the guitar/bass tones. What gear are you using?

Well, we recorded the bass with an Orange guitar amp, but live we played with an Ampeg with Fuzz. For the guitar a Mesa Boogie and a lot of pedals... In the recording we used a few other things, like several guitars... And some small amps that emulated the Marshall JCM 800 and something else. We are not musicians and we don't have much idea of what things our producer Iván lent us...  hahaha

In comparison, your first release (DEMO MMXVII) sounds very DIY, which is a big leap in the space of 1 year to the release of your album. Of course DIY is never a bad thing! But why did you choose to re-record ‘Am-Ar’ and release it on ‘Anábasis’? Did you start writing some of the other songs from Anábasis before the demo was recorded?

Between the Demo and Anabasis we change the tuning, lowering the guitar one more tone. Am-Ar was a strong song and we really liked how it adapted to the new tuning. Cisma was also an old song that we had when we recorded the Demo. Anábasis is somewhat less thought out on a compositional level than our new album Territorios...

The new LP is due out in May - what can we expect from it? Have you tried to achieve something different or new for you in terms of the music/production? 
Note: These questions were written in March!

Territorios has been online since March 31st online and we are delighted with the welcome. We have already sold all our vinyl copies and that seemed impossible to us. We thought we weren't going to sell anything in this situation. The album, at the production level, is similar, since we recorded it in the same studio. Of course, at a compositional and conceptual level it is something else. We follow the same frantic line and try not to repeat parts, we mix many styles ... In short, we have done what we wanted. A half hour song? I don't know why we have done that. For proving to ourselves that we could, I suppose.

I heard a rumour that there’s some great bands from Galicia… aside from the obvious influences of Ekkaia/Ictus etc. what do you guys listen to that inspires your writing?

Galician bands will always be our first inspiration. But we didn't just grow up with what was later called neocrust. In fact, when we started playing, these bands no longer existed and neither did that scene. We started out playing in hardcore and punk bands, in fact we continue to have side projects of that kind. Tenue was born as an emo band - the songs before the demo - that has nothing to do with what it is now. What has always inspired us has been the underground scene, punk, the local bands of our town, the political projects started here... On a compositional level, the first album by Drei Affen influenced us a lot when we started - in fact this band was made in a week to play with them - but in the end we tried a little of everything, because we love from the dirtiest punk to psychedelia and trap.

Looking forward to the new release! Hopefully our paths will cross at a show in the future!

Sure!! We want to go to Ireland and U.K. so...

Thank you so much for the interview!

Sunday 11 April 2021


Another podcast episode out!! Check the webshop for one of the Weak Ties LP plus some Rat Cage, and will be getting copies of Tenue and Swordwielder soon!

1. Physique (US) - Miserable Existence

2. Swordwielder (SWE) - Savage Execution

3. Do One (UK) - Father's Cult

4. Ursut (SWE) - Den Yttersta Dagen

5. Zero Again (UK) - My World Now

6. November 13th (DE) - Graustufen

7. Tenue (ES) - Vertixe

8. Rat Cage (UK) - Weapon Desire

9. Ancient Patient (IRE) - Upheavel

10. Pizzatramp (WLS) - Knighthoods are for Cunts

11. Slant (KR) - How Did It Feel?

12. Weak Ties (FRA) - Never Catch A Break

Thanks to all the bands for agreeing to have their songs played. Podcasts are available on:


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Some awesome new stock recently arrived in, now all available through the webshop.

DROPDEAD 2020 - s/t LP
KORROSIVE - Observations From The West LP
TRAGEDY- Vengeance LP
SACRILEGE - Ambulance Station Squat + Demos LP
DODLAGE- Hostile Regression LP
HELLSHOCK - Only The Dead Know The End Of War LP (picture disc)
HELLSHOCK - Low Men In Yellow Cloaks EP
TUONO - Ho Scelto La Morte LP
SHEER MAG - A Distant Call LP
FRUSTRATION - Disintegrate EP

Wednesday 8 July 2020


Just bought in a whole pile of awesome fucking records from the absolute powerhouse label La Vida Es Un Mus! Including:

LIMP WRIST - Want Us Dead LP
FRAMTID - Defeat of Civilization LP
BARCELONA - Residuos Del Ultrasonido EP
BARCELONA - Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona LP
DISCLOSE - Yesterday’s Fairytale, Tomorrow’s Nightmare LP
DISCLOSE - Nightmare Or Reality LP
RIXE - Coups Et Bleasures EP
RIXE - Collection LP
HARAM - When You Have Won, You Have Lost LP
S.H.I.T. - i EP
S.H.I.T. - Complete S.H.I.T. LP
S.H.I.T. - What do you Stand for? LP
CHAIN CULT - Isolated EP
KRIEGSHÖG - Paint it Black/ White Out EP
IRREAL - Fi Del Mon LP
RAT CAGE - Blood On Your Boots EP
RAT CAGE - Screams From The Cage LP

Now available to buy online!

Saturday 9 May 2020


After slumbering for 2 WHOLE YEARS (at least)... a new episode of the podcast has at long last been completed! Imagine how AWESOME it has to be after 2ish years of intense, relentless work perfecting the art of a totally free DIY podcast... it's been difficult. There's been pain. The road was long. But it's all been worth it for this whopper episode. Just have a look at that line up:

1. Dödläge (US) - Final Hour

2. Impulso (ITA) - Taglio El Vuoto

3. M:40 (SWE) - In i Labyrinten

4. Knür (ES-CT) - Príncipes Condenados a la Servidumbre

5. Agnosy (UK) - No Friends but the Mountains

6. Speedkobra (DE) - Ten Days of Madness

7. Fatum (RUS) - Edge of the Wild

8. Deszcz (POL) - Black Eyes

9. Geranium (FRA) - Happy Few

10. Mortal Wombat (ES) - On My Own

11. Warsong (ES) - En la misma Dirección

12. Litovsk (FRA) - Dad


Thanks to all the bands for agreeing to have their songs played. Podcasts are available on:


If you want to have your band played on the podcast, get in touch.