Thursday, 26 April 2018


Paroxysm play a flat-out fast paced brand of blackened anarcho crust, with metal influences to boot. This tasty LP is available now!

But hey, don't take my word for it:

Thursday, 12 October 2017


Human Annihilation is now available on 7" black vinyl, and limited edition purple vinyl.

Thursday, 29 June 2017


We are back! And what better way to be back than with some new releases!!
CHAIN#007 brings you Born For Slaughter from Macedonia, who play an aggressive metallic style of crust, interspersed with mournful riffs which add a more complex emotional element to the music.

The band released a split 7" with Myteri in 2016 which really demonstrated the ability the band has, both in terms of technicality, and in song-writing.

This self-titled released will consist of 5 excellent tracks, on a one-sided black 12" etched vinyl, also available on a limited edition of one-sided clear/transparent 12" etched vinyl. One of the tracks will be played on the podcast here, and another will be available for streaming next week! For now, here's the artwork:

Artwork by VZR Graphics.
Born For Slaughter will be heading off on a European tour this September, check out the tour here and see if there's a show on near you!


Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Thanks for doing the interview lads! So can you introduce yourself and tell us what each member does in the band?

Greg - guitar/vocals, Crispo  - drums, JK - guitar/vocals, Ross - bass 

When was the band formed? 

2013 (I think) 

Greg on guitar/vox.
Scourge was released a year (and two weeks) ago - how did you find the reception for the album? 

Seemed to go down well to those that got a chance to hear it . Peoples reactions were very positive, but then again most folk don't tell you you're shite LOL.

Was the writing or recording process different than your self-titled release?

I (Greg) pretty much wrote the entire first one on my own, but Scourge was much more of a band effort with the band minus Ross in a room coming up with ideas etc .

When I heard Scourge in its entirety, I was surprised at the intensity of it - it doesn't really let up much apart the few odd breaks, at it seemed more energetic and relentless than the previous release. For a band with members who've played in a load of other bands for many years - how do you do it?! Was that the intent with this album? Was there a change in mindset?

There was no change in mindset and we approached the album the way we approach most things we do in this band i.e. to give it 100 % and do what comes natural . Don't think we had any pre-conceived notions of how things would sound, it literally just developed along those lines. I suppose it's a cliché at this stage but the current state of everything around us and the state the world is in has an effect on us when we are writing and coming up with  material. The world is FUCKED and we are sinking fast , I think that sense of desperation comes through in the music on Scourge . The new material we are writing is even more bleak and pathetic.

I know Drogheda can be strange... but whats been the weirdest show you've ever played?

Thats fucking rich coming From someone who grew up in Enniskillen. Say hi to Arlene from us LOL ..  (CB: he got me there) We played a gig in an Arts centre here in Drogheda, it was a project called Proto Punks that documented the history of Punk Rock in Drogheda . The line up was quite diverse and the venue was an Old Garda station currently an Arts centre which was just fucking bizarre. Lots of people had strange flashbacks of getting a hiding back in the 80's in the cells

Greg in the middle of one of those flashbacks.

Pints or tea?

Stout and Coffee

What are you up to these days? Are you working on any new stuff or are you planning any tours/shows?

Writing new tunes for an EP. Going to play No Sanctuary in July...

Are you guys in any other bands at the moment?

Yeah too many to mention tbh. Crispo is currently on tour in Europe with 80's New Wave sensations Flock of Seagulls...

What are you currently listening to?

Currently listening to my neighbours dog barking its face off which in turn is causing my dog to have a total meltdown. The latest Full Of Hell album Trumpeting Ecstasy is playing in the background . Recommended.

Thanks a million for doing the interview!

No worries. It's taken us about 2 years to get it together!!!!! Productive bunch WHAT!!!!!!

You can buy Okus' latest release Scourge in our webshop here.

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We're finally back! The store is up and running, we have some new releases coming out, everything is fucking great... so to pass on this happiness we're running a sale on all previous Chainbreaker releases! This includes:
  • Iskra - Ruins LP
  • Subordinate - Respect Existence or Expect Resistance LP
  • Absolutist - Traverse EP
  • Okus - Scourge LP
  • Sense Deficiency - Will Think For Braincells CD EP
Simply enter 'cbreleases' into the discount voucher option at check out and you will get 20% OFF all of these items! Sale is on until Thursday 6th July.

I've always wanted to say that. Life = complete. But there really is more! We're also doing a sale on selected Merch items, so have a browse and see for yourself on our online shop.


Because we're a D.I.Y. label, and shipping prices are extortionate as fuck, we want to make punk post an available option in the online store. If you don't know, punk post is when your order is given to someone known to the customer and/or seller who may be heading the direction of the seller. This punk courier (baha!) will be put in touch with you and a meeting place or drop off point can be negotiated. This does require a lot of trust, however it also means free shipping! So you have to weigh the options and decide for yourself.

HOWEVER, you may only select this as a shipping option in the store if you contact us directly via email before placing your order, if you don't the order will be cancelled and you will be refunded - it's up to you to contact us!


For more info read our guide on punk post.



Hey guys! Thanks so much for doing this interview, I appreciate it! So can you introduce yourselves,
tell us what you do in the band, and what is your favourite drink?

Well, I will lead you guys through all of it since it is quite impossible to get all of us in a room doing it. I am Padde. One out of two guitar players and singers, the other one is Kalle. Hauke hits the drums, and Tommy is the guy on bass. We all love beer, preferably Holsten out of tall cans.

Padde from Instinct of Survival.

When did the band form? 

Hauke, Kalle and me formed it in late 1994/95. We were called Sperrzone back then; had an extra singer, I played bass and all that changed in 1999 when we kicked out the singer, and changed the name to Instinct of Survival. Later, I quit the bass and took the second guitar place, we added Pacik on bass who left the band almost 2 years ago, so since then we have Tommy in the band.
Kalle, Hauke, Padde, and Pacik.

Call of The Blue, in comparison to your earlier stuff like North of Nowhere, has a more post-punk goth vibe I think. Would you agree?

A lot of people say that. In my eyes it is just a little bit [more post-punk]. We just kicked out the metal out of our songs. Call of the blue distance is pure crust with a lot more going back to the roots of punk. More ambient like zygote or amebix. There are little hints of post-punk/goth but in my opinion this is just the result of us being us. We always played what we wanted (look at our releases). We reached an annoying point with North of Nowhere where promoters tried to book us for the weirdest metal/grind festivals, not punk related at all.... no politics behinds that. We don't want to play with unpolitical metal or porngrind bands! We are a punk band! We are punks! We wanna play with punk bands! I don't get why punk seems to transform into metal, but maybe this is just another trend. Just stay with well-played three chords and have fun!

What bands have you been listening to to influence your newer stuff?

It is not that we get influenced by recently listened to bands. For example, I am going through a Finnish punk phase, just rediscovered it and love it, that doesn't mean that we will soon sound like Kaaos or Riistetyt haha. We listen to punk since we are 12 years old, now getting close to 40, I can say that we heard a lot good bands, some got stuck, some faded away after listening to it. Bands who influences us since we started are for example: Doom, Hiatus, Deviated Instinct, Zygote, Prophecy of Doom, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Skinny Puppy, The System, Antisect, Amebix, Ent etc.

The last release you guys had was two years ago, and I think I seen recently that you're writing for some new releases. Can you tell us anything about the new stuff?! Any changes in direction with the band, or details about the releases? Please please please!

You are actually wrong. We released two split EPs last year. One with the incredible LIFE from Japan, and one with Vølkermord. We are working on new songs for a mini 12" and 5 split EPs. Not
so much changes in my eyes, just stay tuned!

You guys still keep busy with gigs, recently you played Punx Picnic and Somewhere In Nowhere. How were they?! Any cool stories?

The Somewhere in Nowhere fest was fun! Sadly, not so many people but I really enjoyed it being deep in nature with no phone reception! Next day in prague was something different! People went crazy, crowdsurfing, singing along, pogo etc! Was a perfect show! Not so many stories to tell, only passing out in bars etc. Instinct's usual party.
Tommy, Padde, Kalle, and Hauke.

Craziest/funniest thing that happened at a show you guys played?

Hm, all in all not that much i think. Kalle likes to entertain the crowd with his dystopian view
of mankind, people seem to like it.
Up the punx!

I like to throw in questions which are weird just because it makes it a little more interesting, so here's one for you all - why do you play in a band? What makes you keep doing it?

Kalle, hauke and me became punks together, and since that day we are still doing/loving it. More than a lifestyle, and more than friends. We are family, and we love to spend our time together. Tommy is even longer punk than us, hung out in the squatterscene back then and lives now in an old squat in Hamburg. Simply said: punks for life!

Finally, any favourite bands you're listening to at the moment?

For the newer bands I have to mentions canadas LANGUID! Their latest release slays! Best German
band lately are PISS and best northern bands are SWORDWIELDER and GLORIOUS!

Thanks so much for the interview!!

Hope the next releases are coming soon!

Stay punk!

Thanks so much!!

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