Thursday 13 May 2021


I guess lockdown has affected us all in different ways... some people have taken up exercise, some people have sorted out their garden because it's been annoying them for the last 4 years... actually some people have been entirely unaffected which is pretty cool too. 

My coping mechanism has been trying to make plans that I know won't be cancelled, and one of those plans has been some CHAINBREAKER MERCH! Inspired by a combination of boredom and the desire for a new hoodie, I got these designs made up by my good friend Lukasc and also Robyn from Fear My Nerves and the clothing was printed by Absurd Merch based in Sligo, Ireland. 

I got very little of these made (because who can afford to make 1000 hoodies) so if you want one, grab one asap. You can get them through BANDCAMP or through the WEBSHOP.


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