Sunday 4 February 2024


 Hey!! It's been a while, 2 years actually since the last post on here. I blame a subtle blend of covid, laziness, and general life haha. I'm still active and haven't called it a day just yet! 

I just revamped the WEBSTORE, changing from Shopify to LimitedRun platforms (for cost reasons). Shopify has a monthly rate, whereas LimitedRun offers a percentage of sale per month, which, on a small scale shop such as mine, works better. It's brand new to me, so let me know if you've any issues and we'll sort it out.

Everything is basically the same - same categories with some small exceptions. I added a "From Ireland" category to better represent the amazing punk bands that come from here and give those of you not from Ireland some insight to what we have to offer :) I've also created a GIFT VOUCHER item as an option in case you want to buy someone a record but they're so ridiculously picky with their music taste that no matter what you get they'll be disappointed.

I have a load of stock that I need to add to the store, so I'll be doing that over the coming weeks and hopefully getting new stock soon.

Last but not least, I've got some cool updates coming very soon... dot dot dot!!

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