Friday 24 May 2024


So happy to be a part of this awesome screamo neocrust release - the first release in 4 years (since covid basically). And what better way than to collaborate with Korasek from Segovia. 

This 7 track LP has heaps of atmosphere, and more post-rock elements than you would typically find in the neocrust genre. It's an interesting mix that brings a lightness to the the typical soundscape you normally come across in the genre. 

Korasek formed in 2020, where the isolation and chaos of covid surely had an influence in the sound and style of the band. The members have been in previous projects such as Entröpiah, Herïda, and Trapitxeos.

The album dedicated to Simona Kossak, Polish biologist, ecologist and conservationist activist, who lived isolated in the forests of Białowieza for more than 30 years, in which she dedicated all her effort to the preservation of natural ecosystems and the protection of animals in them dwell.

Presented in a spectacular edition in transparent smoked vinyl, Gatefold folder, 4-page insert with letters and illustrations, two stickers and outer cover. Art and edition: Gabriel and Jorge "Findus". Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Pit Tropiah.

Now available for purchase from the new webshop and on bandcamp for stream/download.

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