Tuesday 19 April 2016


OKUS are an Irish band who have been blasting out heavy sludge-laden crust with generous helpings of doom, complimented by an overall filthy, blackened approach, for a few years now. Their debut self-titled album was released 3 years ago in 2013, but the band have been very active in that space of time playing gigs and writing new material.

This 10-track beast is perhaps one of our heaviest releases to date. In comparison to their first release, the style is definitely more pacey and vicious, yet every bit as massive as their self-titled. The overall sense of the album is a bleak, misanthropic outlook, with song titles such as 'Buried Deep', 'Practice Profit', and 'Abandon Sun'. The record was recorded at Dead Dog Studios and is being released on Chainbreaker Records and Dis-troy Records. Artwork by the very talented Sean Fitzgerald. Currently one track off this behemoth is up for streaming on our bandcamp here, called 'Buried Deep'. You can also find another track, 'Authority Swarm'  up for streaming on Metal Ireland here. Full album will be up for streaming real soon!

This is our 4th release and so we would like to do something special for it. There are a limited amount of copies available (30) so PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE at the following links:


Here you will find options for a LP pre-order and a LP + T-shirt bundle pre-order (which both come with instant free download and high-quality image of inner sleeve with lyrics from the LP). All pre-orders will be shipped immediately on the 14th of May. Download codes can be redeemed at http://chainbreakerrecords.bandcamp.com/yum. Cheers!

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