Wednesday 25 November 2015


From the pits of Ireland come Subordinate, a 3-piece heavy crust d-beat punk band with strong melodic influences. They play an aggressive style of d-beat with a more neo-crust approach, employing melodic, slower paced sections, which at times carry a dark atmosphere.

We are proud to announce that their first full-length album titled 'Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance' will be released on vinyl LP with Chainbreaker Records in July, along with Distro-y Records, Anarchotic Records, Pumpkin Records, A World We Never Made, Don't Live Like Me Records, and Suburban White Trash Records. It will also be available in cassette format which will be put out by Chainbreaker Records and Solemn Records.

Subordinate have been around since 2012, when they released their self-recorded EP 'To See Their Demise', which is available for streaming and free download on their bandcamp,

Since their EP, the band has developed stylistically in a lot of ways. There is more of an evident influence from the Spanish style of crust to bands like Fall Of Efrafa and Tragedy, with an underlying Irish crust punk sound. The album was recorded in The Hive Studios with James Eager and mastered at Enormous Door FX.

Artwork by Costin Chorineau.

Expect a more mature, and refined work on this release. Here is a track off the upcoming album to give you a taster, available for free download:

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