Wednesday 25 November 2015


This will be Iskra's 3rd full length release, not including their split LPs with Doom Siren and Against Empire. In total, they have 15 releases, which is a fairly impressive catalogue, however, considering they were founded in 1998 it's understandable.

Hailing from Canada, they are styled as 'blackened crust'. Whilst I can't deny that they have crust elements to their music, they are very much on the metal side of things, with a strong Scandinavian black metal vibe being the dominant force. Their style packs an impressive punch and displays a finesse which is earned from many years experience. Iskra recently got their official website up and running, which is well worth a visit, with a full (and impressively documented) history of the band, the bands ideology, music from all their releases (free download which even includes lyrics!) and more! Check it out at

This release is set to be pressed in North America and Europe on vinyl, cassette, and CD formats. A host of D.I.Y. labels will be financing the release, ourselves among them. 'Ruins' was recorded and mastered in February 2014 by Iskra, Cody Baresich, and Martin Ankelius in the Cutting Room in Sweden. The LP will feauture 10 tracks:

Predator Drone MQ-1
Aegis of the Victor
Der Einzig
Battle of the Hundred Slain

To support the release, Iskra will embark on an extensive North American tour, details of which will be released closer to the time.

Currently, there is one track available to listen to, Predator Drone MQ-1, which you can download for free on the Chainbreaker bandcamp HERE. Iskra have stated on their website that once the album is officially released, all music will be available for free download, as is the case with all of their music! D.I.Y. ethics at its best!

We have a full interview with the band coming soon, until then, enjoy this brutal track from 'Ruins'.

Since this article, we have released the LP which you can get here, and listen to in full below!

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