Wednesday 25 November 2015


Answers from the Author

How old are you and where are you from?

I'm Enda & my artist nickname is Parashina, age 29, I'm from Palembang - Indonesia.

When did you first get into art, and why?

It started when I dropped out from the university of civil law faculty in 2003, I realized that my true passion is in the art, after that I went to college again, this time I choose Graphic Design in 2004. The reason why is because I have a background that supports me to be an artist. My father was an art teacher, since kid I always love to drawing character, comic/manga even imitating skull artwork in Metallica T Shirt, Gun N Roses & Iron Maiden Posters. When I knew much more about music like punk & metal also skateboarding impacted my theme of art too, since then art became part of my life, and till now I'm still doing many artwork/illustration for T Shirts, merch and Cover for punkrock ,hc punk, crust, grindcore bands and skateboards clothing.

Where do you get most inspiration from?

My drawing influence mostly from Pushead, but my total inspiration for the whole illustration from reading many political books, i grew up as political crustpunk so this "ideology" always gave me a lot of inspiration (ideas).

Any artists you like that do designs for bands?

Brian Schroeder a.k.a Pushead (Septic Death)

Favourite band/genre?

My top 5 favourite bands : Crass, Disrupt, Tragedy, Skitsytem & Martyrdod...mostly I like genre Crust punk.

Any tips for people who want to do art?

Always keep up your drawing skill, proportion is the key to make a good illustration and always open wide your imagination by reading "a good" books, talk with people and add more art references

Favourite colour?!

Black and White is immortal !

Any last words?

For my complete art portfolio visit
Cheers !


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