Wednesday 25 November 2015


Answers from the Author

What got you into it?

I started drawing in school. Art was my favourite subject but I didn't imagine doing it for anybody else and it took a back seat when I made the mistake of going to university instead of art college.

What inspired you at the beginning?

There are too many artists and albums to mention here but I really got back into it because of the necessity of needing covers and logos for the bands I was playing in. I always admired the covers of the albums I bought when I was younger; a really good collection of songs would never have the same effect on me if the visual aspect wasn't there or didn't match up. Buying LPs again was also a factor because I think the artwork is much more pronounced on that format.

Favourite piece you have been commissioned for?

Probably the piece I did for The Corded Ware, it’s a sort of spontaneous, atmospheric, noise project from Dublin where a lot of the rules of ‘normal’ music don’t really apply. It was delayed a lot by work and moving around but I had complete control over the final image and theme so I decided not to reflect the sound of the record at all haha. It gave me a chance to look into a lot of religious iconography, tarot card art and symbolism; I was probably an absolute bore to be around while I was working on it.

Fav band/genre? Any tips?

Impossible to say, metal and punk would be among my most listened to, probably and definitely my favourite to see live. But I’ve been listening to lots and lots of Hexvessel, Chelsea Wolfe and Earth while drawing at the moment. No fun, no mosh, no tips.

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