Wednesday 28 June 2017


Thanks for doing the interview lads! So can you introduce yourself and tell us what each member does in the band?

Greg - guitar/vocals, Crispo  - drums, JK - guitar/vocals, Ross - bass 

When was the band formed? 

2013 (I think) 

Greg on guitar/vox.
Scourge was released a year (and two weeks) ago - how did you find the reception for the album? 

Seemed to go down well to those that got a chance to hear it . Peoples reactions were very positive, but then again most folk don't tell you you're shite LOL.

Was the writing or recording process different than your self-titled release?

I (Greg) pretty much wrote the entire first one on my own, but Scourge was much more of a band effort with the band minus Ross in a room coming up with ideas etc .

When I heard Scourge in its entirety, I was surprised at the intensity of it - it doesn't really let up much apart the few odd breaks, at it seemed more energetic and relentless than the previous release. For a band with members who've played in a load of other bands for many years - how do you do it?! Was that the intent with this album? Was there a change in mindset?

There was no change in mindset and we approached the album the way we approach most things we do in this band i.e. to give it 100 % and do what comes natural . Don't think we had any pre-conceived notions of how things would sound, it literally just developed along those lines. I suppose it's a cliché at this stage but the current state of everything around us and the state the world is in has an effect on us when we are writing and coming up with  material. The world is FUCKED and we are sinking fast , I think that sense of desperation comes through in the music on Scourge . The new material we are writing is even more bleak and pathetic.

I know Drogheda can be strange... but whats been the weirdest show you've ever played?

Thats fucking rich coming From someone who grew up in Enniskillen. Say hi to Arlene from us LOL ..  (CB: he got me there) We played a gig in an Arts centre here in Drogheda, it was a project called Proto Punks that documented the history of Punk Rock in Drogheda . The line up was quite diverse and the venue was an Old Garda station currently an Arts centre which was just fucking bizarre. Lots of people had strange flashbacks of getting a hiding back in the 80's in the cells

Greg in the middle of one of those flashbacks.

Pints or tea?

Stout and Coffee

What are you up to these days? Are you working on any new stuff or are you planning any tours/shows?

Writing new tunes for an EP. Going to play No Sanctuary in July...

Are you guys in any other bands at the moment?

Yeah too many to mention tbh. Crispo is currently on tour in Europe with 80's New Wave sensations Flock of Seagulls...

What are you currently listening to?

Currently listening to my neighbours dog barking its face off which in turn is causing my dog to have a total meltdown. The latest Full Of Hell album Trumpeting Ecstasy is playing in the background . Recommended.

Thanks a million for doing the interview!

No worries. It's taken us about 2 years to get it together!!!!! Productive bunch WHAT!!!!!!

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