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Hey guys, thanks a lot for doing the interview!

Can you introduce yourselves, tell us what you do in the band, and tell us two interesting facts about yourself?

Romeo - Guitar/Vocals, Self Taught programmer, Horror Movies/Books Fan.
Manuel "Gallo" - Drums/Vocals, I have Maya Blood, and also I'm a lawyer.
Orlando - Guitar, I do MMA and also a Saint Seiya fan,.
Rafael "Racho" - Bass, I'm also lawyer, and I love Pizza.

When and how did the band form?

Disterror was born in mid 2010, by Romeo (Bass/Vocals), Salxy (Guitars) and Nelson (Drums), but  it wasn't until 2011 when they recorded the "Upcoming Warfare" Demo, that the band began to be actually active and performing live. Salxy left the band after the Demo, Gallo joined on Bass, and Nelson quit after the Split with MDD. Since then it's been Romeo and Gallo mostly, then Orlando joined during the recording of Catharsis, and recently Racho joined bass a few months before the Canadian Tour.

You're just back from tour in Canada - how did it go? What was your favourite 
show? Tell us a story from the tour!

It was our most amazing experience so far, we loved every second of it. We met so many amazing people, and had such great moments, every show was incredible, but I think our favourite ones are the Opening Show at Bleak Life 4 in Ottawa, and the Closing Show at Loud House, Montreal. A funny story is that we almost died on our way from Montreal to Ottawa to play in Bleak Life, Orlando was already in Ottawa, so it was Romeo, Gallo, Racho, and the guys from Hatew├Âlf in the van. We were passing through this tunnel under construction, when we lost control of the van and almost crashed with this big passing truck! Romeo was laughing like a maniac the whole time hahaha.

Catharis was your debut album, and it had a very mature, and well-formed style for a debut album. Had you worked on these songs/the album as a whole for long before the release?

Most of the songwriting was done by Gallo and Romeo during band practice, they have been playing together for many years so the songwriting process came out very natural, also Gallo's drumming style was a major factor, as previously he played Bass on Disterror, and for Catharsis he switched t drums. Labyrinth was actually completed at the last moment during Studio time, as we felt the album lacked a mid tempo driven song.

How did you find the reception for Catharsis when it was released?

Catharsis was a very personal work for us, it could be said that the whole process of making the album, was our very own Catharsis, so we were very overwhelmed by the reception. So many people liked our music, and so many good reviews, also bad ones, those are our favourite ones actually.

Gilgamesh is a pretty interesting song; pretty epic, a LOT of riffs, and over 8 minutes for a crust band is impressive! What is the sample at the start of it from?

Gilgamesh was the first new song we made for the album, lots of twists and cool riffs, it was probably one of our most polished songs at the time. The sample is from the Spanish dub of  "The Seventh Seal", during a scene in which the main character is questioning the existence of god and his own purpose in life.

What is the punk scene like in Mexico?

Violent, passionate, rebellious and very unique.

If you had one wish each (and you can't wish for more wishes!) what would it be?

Romeo: to be constantly traveling the world while on tour.
Gallo & Racho: To know the world and all the cultures.
Orlando: Have an infinite bag of dank weed.

Catharsis was released in 2015, are you guys working on any new material at the 

We have some new song we have yet to record later this year, we are planing to release a 7" during mid 2018 maybe.

Thanks a lot for doing the interview!

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