Tuesday 13 June 2017


Accidente hail from Madrid, and have created some of the catchiest punk tunes going at the moment. Personally, I had never been a massive fan of the pop side of punk, having always been into crust and d-beat etc. But I will gladly make an exception for Accidente - they're one of those bands that are just too good to be limited by a genre.

This will be their first time making it to the UK & Ireland, and as one of the best punk bands going in Europe at the moment - you really shouldn't miss this, get yourself down to a show. The tour event is here on facebook, and we have the privilege of putting on a show for them in Galway, more info on that here.

The band play a superbly refined brand of melodic punk, and even if you don't speak Spanish you will be trying your best to sing along anyway. Political, and rebellious. Check 'em out.


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