Tuesday 27 June 2017


We're finally back! The store is up and running, we have some new releases coming out, everything is fucking great... so to pass on this happiness we're running a sale on all previous Chainbreaker releases! This includes:
  • Iskra - Ruins LP
  • Subordinate - Respect Existence or Expect Resistance LP
  • Absolutist - Traverse EP
  • Okus - Scourge LP
  • Sense Deficiency - Will Think For Braincells CD EP
Simply enter 'cbreleases' into the discount voucher option at check out and you will get 20% OFF all of these items! Sale is on until Thursday 6th July.

I've always wanted to say that. Life = complete. But there really is more! We're also doing a sale on selected Merch items, so have a browse and see for yourself on our online shop.

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