Sunday 3 May 2020


Delighted to announce the TENTH Chainbreaker release, and what a ripper of a record!! Knür come from Molins de Rei in Catalonia, and play a powerful, intricately constructed style of neocrust. Formed in 2014, their efforts have came to fruition in the form of this latest release 'Sapere Aude', which is a Latin phrase roughly translated as 'Dare to Know', or 'Dare to think for yourself '.

Artwork byJonas from @returnofthepassovart

I have to say (and yes I am totally biased) but this record has everything. Starting from the artwork and booklet printed on textured card with illustrations and lyrics, through to the music, execution, and associated beliefs and politics which of course come hand in hand with the genre. I've lost track of how many times I've listened to it at this stage, and every time I do something new catches my attention... my favourite track off 'Sapere Aude' has changed maybe 3 times AT LEAST.

Very happy to be a part of this release, and it's been a cool little journey - from seeing the band live in some squat in Barcelona, to helping them release their latest LP. It's moments like this that make the whole DIY label thing totally worth it.

Anyways, enough rambling - PRE-ORDER for this LP is now available here!! They're expected to land in June - so stay tuned, and time for the album to speak for itself...

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