Wednesday 9 October 2019


I just wanted to write a short post to explain the postage pricing - I swear I could write a thesis on this shit - yes Jonny, POST FACTS. Because this is a not-for-profit label (do you hear that irs/revenue/customs/fbi?) I'm trying to bring people the best options for shipping whilst also making it financially viable to do this. Postage prices are fucking extortionate and have only been on the increase. So, here's the breakdown on pricing that the site will offer outside of the usual standard postage rates:

  • €4 for ALL shipping.
  • FREE shipping for orders over €40.
This means that all shipping to Ireland and Northern Ireland will cost either €4 or €0!!

  • FREE shipping for orders over €45.

  • FREE shipping for orders over €50.

*For people in Northern Ireland, put through your address as normal. This will initially come up as a UK price which is more expensive, however I will refund you the difference. If you'd like to hear the reasoning behind this, please take a seat and I will explain why...

*deep breath*

Currently, An Post allows for shipping to Northern Ireland at the same rate as within Ireland (we'll see how long that lasts...). However, Shopify does not recognise Northern Ireland as being separate to the United Kingdom in this sense (ohhhh controversial) and so forces shipping rates to Northern Ireland to be the same as across the water to England/Scotland/Wales. So, it basically makes shipping rates unnecessarily more expensive than they already are, which is fucking ridiculous as it is.

I already spoke to them trying to figure out if they can change this/complained/ranted about the post-modern impact of imperialism, but they currently can't accommodate the current socio-economic climate on this beautiful island. The fucks (still using them though).


I will say though, that they were as helpful as their system would allow, and I'm currently looking into a better long-term solution for the site. Who knows, maybe I'll fucking solve brexit while I'm at it.

So, that's why the refund policy! Put the order through as if you were in the UK, and I'll refund you the difference (or possibly even ship it from the North unless I get done for fucking smuggling...).

... COULD this be used as evidence against me? In any case, it will be less hassle than it sounds, and cheaper! Also, as always, I'll try to accommodate for punk post. If you don't know what it is, read this.

Any questions, get in touch!

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