Saturday 28 September 2019


We're finally back, thank fuuuckkk. Things have been really busy with college, working, bands, life etc... and running a label on top of that isn't so easy! Who would have thought that a D.I.Y. label would have been so much fucking work?!

It's been over an entire fucking year since we've had a podcast out hahaha! That's insane. There is quite a lot of work involved with the podcasts; talking with the bands, arranging interviews, acquiring songs, and obviously the recording itself - but it hopefully won't be too long until we have something new out.

We've streamlined the site, which is a nice term for deleting some things that were just too much work. The focus for the moment is getting a functioning web-shop up and running, which is a fairly tedious process but it will happen! So keep ya eye balls peeled. Imagine actually peeling an eyeball though that's fucked.

So thanks for reading, have a look around, enjoy yourself, and listen to some fucking punk.


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