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Another podcast episode out!! Check the webshop for one of the Weak Ties LP plus some Rat Cage, and will be getting copies of Tenue and Swordwielder soon!

1. Physique (US) - Miserable Existence

2. Swordwielder (SWE) - Savage Execution

3. Do One (UK) - Father's Cult

4. Ursut (SWE) - Den Yttersta Dagen

5. Zero Again (UK) - My World Now

6. November 13th (DE) - Graustufen

7. Tenue (ES) - Vertixe

8. Rat Cage (UK) - Weapon Desire

9. Ancient Patient (IRE) - Upheavel

10. Pizzatramp (WLS) - Knighthoods are for Cunts

11. Slant (KR) - How Did It Feel?

12. Weak Ties (FRA) - Never Catch A Break

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Some awesome new stock recently arrived in, now all available through the webshop.

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HELLSHOCK - Only The Dead Know The End Of War LP (picture disc)
HELLSHOCK - Low Men In Yellow Cloaks EP
TUONO - Ho Scelto La Morte LP
SHEER MAG - A Distant Call LP
FRUSTRATION - Disintegrate EP

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Just bought in a whole pile of awesome fucking records from the absolute powerhouse label La Vida Es Un Mus! Including:

LIMP WRIST - Want Us Dead LP
FRAMTID - Defeat of Civilization LP
BARCELONA - Residuos Del Ultrasonido EP
BARCELONA - Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona LP
DISCLOSE - Yesterday’s Fairytale, Tomorrow’s Nightmare LP
DISCLOSE - Nightmare Or Reality LP
RIXE - Coups Et Bleasures EP
RIXE - Collection LP
HARAM - When You Have Won, You Have Lost LP
S.H.I.T. - i EP
S.H.I.T. - Complete S.H.I.T. LP
S.H.I.T. - What do you Stand for? LP
CHAIN CULT - Isolated EP
KRIEGSHÖG - Paint it Black/ White Out EP
IRREAL - Fi Del Mon LP
RAT CAGE - Blood On Your Boots EP
RAT CAGE - Screams From The Cage LP

Now available to buy online!

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After slumbering for 2 WHOLE YEARS (at least)... a new episode of the podcast has at long last been completed! Imagine how AWESOME it has to be after 2ish years of intense, relentless work perfecting the art of a totally free DIY podcast... it's been difficult. There's been pain. The road was long. But it's all been worth it for this whopper episode. Just have a look at that line up:

1. Dödläge (US) - Final Hour

2. Impulso (ITA) - Taglio El Vuoto

3. M:40 (SWE) - In i Labyrinten

4. Knür (ES-CT) - Príncipes Condenados a la Servidumbre

5. Agnosy (UK) - No Friends but the Mountains

6. Speedkobra (DE) - Ten Days of Madness

7. Fatum (RUS) - Edge of the Wild

8. Deszcz (POL) - Black Eyes

9. Geranium (FRA) - Happy Few

10. Mortal Wombat (ES) - On My Own

11. Warsong (ES) - En la misma Dirección

12. Litovsk (FRA) - Dad


Thanks to all the bands for agreeing to have their songs played. Podcasts are available on:


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For Catalan version, click here

So, I was over in Barcelona with some friends (shout out to the Sauselona gang 2018) and as always I was on the prowl for punk shows. I eventually found one by chance, I didn’t know what it was or where it was (thank fuck for google maps - if they want to read my text messages about I’ve run out of hummus that’s fine as long as they let me use maps to navigate to gigs), but the headlining band was captioned as crust. SOLD. Cans of Mahou for 1 euro (I think it was actually a suggested donation) and the guy behind the bar was wearing a 1916 t-shirt. That’s when you know you’re in the right spot, and are staying there for the rest of the night. And that’s when I first heard Kn
ür. Pure fucking catchy neocrust, smart enough to keep things interesting, and executed amazingly well live.

What was the name of that squat? I have no fucking idea haha, but I remember how awesome it was, and there was some kind of punk shop next door to it?

The gig we met it was in Blokes Fantasma, an historic squat really close to Kasa la Muntanya, the oldest squat in Catalunya. The punk shop next to the gig it's the distro they got in there where you can find albums, t shirts and anarchism and libertarian books.

What does Knür mean?

We took cuz it sounds good but it comes from old Scandinavian language that meant the knots of the trees... it wasn't exactly Knür. And it means pig in Polish - we learned it later haha.

Knür live with the previous line-up.

You’re from Molins de Rei - what’s the scene like there? And how did you all meet?

Yes we are all from Molins. Having in mind that Molins it's a town (even if here live about 26000 people) we can say that we have a strong social network in between the young people and a lot of implicated people in social movements (not only punks or anarchists) . It makes so easy to meet with friends and play. In our particular case,  we are friends since childhood, so it's been even easier for us to compose together and make the band.

Let’s talk about ‘Sapere Aude’. I think you guys have had a consistently good sound, but did you approach the writing and recording of the new album any differently? Where did you record? You recently had a line-up change right? How did that go? How has it changed the band?

This album is special for us because it's the first one we recorded ourselves in our rehearsal room. We did the mixing and mastering with Xavi from EM Estudi. We are so excited about the final sound and we are waiting for the final release in vinyl. About composing, like I told you before it's been easy for us to write songs and play together because we are close friends and we know each other pretty well and most importantly, we love music.

This last album it's also special because is the last one with Sergi, one of our guitarists. He has left the band: Smint, our drummer until now, it's going to play the guitar with Guim. It's been a tough year because of that. Having the album all recorded but not being able to present it in live. We have been playing gigs again the lasts months thanks to Lluís, another friend of us from our town that plays drums really well (even he never played crust before). However, the idea is that Pau, another childhood friend from Molins is going to be the new Knür's drummer.

New line up: the latest and greatest.

 What gear do you guys play with live? Do you use anything different when recording?

We use almost the same gear in live shows than in recordings. The only change is that we recorded with the drum kit of a friend that let us play with his (because it's a better drum kit).
The rest of it it's exactly the same. (Orange Dual terror and Peavey 5150 guitar amps with 2x12 orange cabinet and a 4x12 Peavey cabinet; An Ampeg amp for the bass with an Orange 4x12 cabinet). The guitar clean parts of the Sapere Aude Album are all recorded with the Orange Dual Terror because we preferred the sound.

 I wanted to ask you a question on tour plans - but maybe it’s a sensitive topic right now given all of the shit that’s going on in the world right now and the uncertainty that surrounds everything. So maybe, a better question would be where would you most like to tour?

As you know, we had in mind to go to Euskadi for 3 shows and then come to Ireland to play 3 more shows. However, we had to cancelled it because of the pandemic...
We have in mind still to come to Ireland and maybe make a 2-3 weeks tour in August around Germany, France, Denmark, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland to present "officially" the Sapere Aude album. But it's soon to tell...We are all working in different shitty jobs and it's so hard to manage to find free days to travel together.

What was your first show? Where have you played, and what was the best food you had on tour?

Our first show was exactly 1 year after creating the band. It was in September of 2015 in Kasablanka, another squat in Molins that it's been squatted since 1996. It was during the local celebrations in our town.
In most of the places we played, there's been a really nice vegan food and it's hard to chose and remember all of them. But if we have to chose one, we would stand out the amazing dinner we had in Lübeck during the summer tour in 2018: stuffed peppers with vegetables, all spiced perfectly, and cooked in the oven. Delicious!

Punx are pretty too.

Do you only sing in Catalan? Of course I respect your choice to sing in Catalan, and in my opinion I love the sound and feel of the language (also, fuck everything being in English all the time) - but I guess I would like to hear your thoughts on why you choose to write in Catalan and why is it so important to you?

Yes we do sing in Catalan. We also sing in Spanish but just a little part in the last song of the first album (La extinción del Humano), another little part in the 2th (La última de las Tempestades) and 1 entire song about the Zapatists in the Sapere Aude album that the lyrics are from Eduardo Galeano  that wrote in Spanish (Príncipes Condenados a la Servidumbre).
It's an interesting question for us "why is it so important for us to sing in catalan"; We will try to explain it in a few words:
We were all born in Catalunya, that maybe some of you will know that nowadays it belongs to Spain. But if you search a little bit about our history you will see that it isn't always that way... There's been a persecution of Catalan Culture since we lost the 1714 war against the fucking Borbons family (Felipe V was the king in that moment). This persecution it's been more notorious during the dictatorship of Franco when we lost the Civil War that started in Spain in 1936. All anarchist ideas that were all at its fullest splendor before starting the war were totally destroyed.  Two days after the fucking fascist, Franco, died peacefully in his bed in 1975 the king Juan Carlos de Borbón (descendent of Felip V and father of the current king of Spain, Felipe VI)  supposedly assumed the control of Spain. Since that moment the people were told that Spain was, and still is, some kind of Parliamentary Monarchy. Our mothers and fathers grew up thinking that after the Civil War anything would be better; and it was their mistake...After 40 years of dictatorship, Spain wasn't in the line to compete against France, Germany and all the others "big" countries of Europe. The modernization and the progress in the last years it's been mental, times have changed a lot and Fascism changed its clothes too. But the problem nowadays is even bigger because of Capitalism and this Economic Dictatorship that reigns in almost every country in the world...
But going back again to your question, you would probably ask yourselves why an anarchist band worries about countries division or some shit like that...nothing further than reality:
The thing is that we are against any kind of Fascism or any form it takes. The reality here in Spain nowadays is that we still have Franquist Governors but now they wear fancy tie suits. We have got more political corruption than in any other European country in fuckin EU and social injustice and misery are spreading, like in the rest of the world, fastly. We do not believe in some kind of Catalan State or something like that, we just want to express freely in all the languages and different cultures that we have here from all over the world. In fact, you probably know that it were a Referendum here in Catalunya, like it happened in Scotland, about being an Independent Country. Most of the people voted to do not belong anymore to fucking Spain. The Central Spanish State ilegalize the votation and after that the persecution against Catalan Culture or simply people who disagree against power has reached like in times of dictatorship (people in prison just to write some words against spanish fascist state in social networks, musicians and artists persecution and in short, all people that stand up against fascism). We are against this racist, xenophobic and fascist Spanish State that still persecutes all the ideas that are different from his. A lot of people is waking up against social injustice and corruption. We see in Independence, an opportunity to change the paradigm, to try new ideas, to debate, to build ourselves a fair country, and to be, why not?!, the catalyst for the liberation of the rest of zones in Spain (like Euskadi, Asturias...). We feel catalan because it's our roots the same way Bakunin felt Russian, not in terms of National Identity.  We do not give a fuck if people wants to feel Spanish, Catalan or Irish. We do care about the people that are tired of misery and poverty, sick of Europe Union fascist ideas and the global Capitalism that USA forced to the rest of the world.
Just to end, notice that we are bilingual, we speak perfectly spanish and catalan.
But we sing in Catalan because it's our language, the one that we speak every day of our life.

'Saepre Aude' is available for PRE-ORDER now!!


Let’s talk about the last release, ‘Edge of the Wild’. It definitely feels like you have perfected your art, the writing and execution is awesome and tempo changes like in ‘Life Lost’ are rocking. Did you approach the writing of this album differently? Has the focus of the lyrics or style as a band changed a lot?

Hi there!  The last album feels more mature than previous things we’ve  released, I think we just have improved at skills as the whole track list of the album has been played tons of times at gigs, tours, and so on so it was pretty clear how to cope with the stuff we had when came to the studio, just with a few adjustments during the record sessions and stuff. This one differs a bit musically from the previous albums, it came out way heavier, way more “concrete” or something like that. Lyrically it feels pretty same to me, I did most of the lyrics this time, so it’s more about some  personal view on things plus some own life-experience depicted.

What is the scene like in Moscow for crust/stenchcore? 

The local scene represents a various number of bands playing in any sorts of possible sub-genres and stuff. There are some stenchcore bands here as well, mostly from other towns of the  European part of Russia and all are our good homies - Repression Attack, Step to Freedom, Karzer, there are some from the ex-soviet Republics like Pomrachenie of Minsk and even something from Kazakhstan, I’ve heard lately .However in spite of the matters of distance between towns and shit  if there are any intercity events to occur all these bands do play together at some of the craziest gigs ever haha!

You guys have played Europe extensively - where are the top 3 places you would like to tour?

Europe is extremely good when tour with a band, there are so many amazing venues kept awesome in really professional way. Most of them rule! Personally most memorable ones are Shrottbar in Switzerland, Zoro in Lepzig, and Kopi for sure! Plus many more, the list might be endless..  Always Looking forward to visit more places and countries we’ve never been to. We highly appreciate such moments.

Favourite show you ever played and why?

A hard sort of question haha, can’t remember most of shows due to different circumstances, there were some memorable ones I guess, the gig in Tokyo with Life, and Coffins during the Japanese tour with ZAY in 2018 was a total banger, maybe the best one for me personally by this moment.

In terms of gear (guitar, bass, drums) what are you using at the moment? Has this changed a lot since you started? What did you record ‘Edge of the Wild’ with?

Haha oh man, It has changed a lot since the start of the band – I believe we had the shittiest gear ever, cheap guitars and pedals and all sort of that, sounding like shrieking noisy piece of crap. We changed lost of equipment, I guess we’ve hardly ever used the very same set of everything on each record, changing or borrowing them every time. For the last years we have played mostly Ibanez stuff if talking about guitars and shit –For now I use an Ibanez “destroyer” guitar circa 1985 with an adjusted Dimarzio” super distortion” pick up instead of the original one, for an amp I use my Sovtek MIG100, the most fierce amp I have ever tried,  so respectively used this stuff for the “Edge of the Wild” as well.  The bass player, Roman, used an Ibanez bass as well, some sort of superstrat basses of the kind.

Sovtek destroyer in the studio!

Every band has one of those crazy fucking stories - what’s yours? It better be juicy!

I consider that the amount of “funny stories” is overwhelming us from time to time haha!  Wasted state of mind always bears the craziest situations ever possible, it could have been written a compilation-book including best of them…. Fine, I dunno if it was funny or witty enough to pay $1000 charge bill after showing a dick to a copper and walking naked around Tokyo in the night ahahha. Different shit occurs all the time.

Stenchcore Samurai.

You hinted at big plans for 2020… what are you hoping to achieve this year as a band?

So everyone is familiar with covid-19 shit, and it’s pretty same here, everything is shut down and it’s unable to go on tours for a while, so most of the plans of that sort are postponed for an uncertain point in future. Meanwhile we have just recorded a bunch of tracks for a long-awaited split release, made some brand new ones and more that in work are to come out in a while. Stay tuned and Crust on!
Thanks for the interview mate!
Cheers from Moscow.

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Doncs bé.. Vaig estar a Barcelona amb uns col·legues (merci a Sauselona gang 2018) i com sempre, estava buscant concerts de punk. Per casualitat en vaig trobar un, sense saber però, què o a on era; encara sort de Google Maps - si volen llegir els meus missatges sobre com vaig esgotar l´hummus, doncs bé, sempre que em deixen usar Maps per llegar al concert que a més a més com cap de cartell posava banda crust. APA. Canyes de Mahou per 1 euro (de fet crec que era a donació) i cambrers que porten una samarreta de 1916? Ostres, allò era el lloc perfecte per quedar-me tota la nit. Doncs aquella va ser la primera vegada que vaig sentir Knur. Un neocrust brutal, tan pur i llest com per enganxar-me, i amb una execució en viu increïble.

Com es deia la Okupa? Ni puta idea jaja, me´n recordo però que molava molt i que al costat hi havia una botiga rotllo punk?

El concert que ens vam coneixer era en Blokes Fantasma, una casa okupa històrica just al costat de Kasa de la Muntanya, l’okupa més vella de Catalunya.La botiga punk al costat del concert es el distri que tenen on hi pots trobar àlbums, samarretes, i llibres anarquistes i llibertaris.

Què vol dir Knür?

Ho vam agafar perquè sona bè però prové d’un antic idioma escandinau que significava els nusos dels arbres... no era exactament Knür. I vol dir porc en polonès, després ho hem après. Jaja.

Sou de Molins de Rei - Com és l´escena punk allà? I com us vau conèixer?

Sí, tots som de Molins. Tenint en compte que Molins és una ciutat (encara que aquí visquin unes 26.000 persones), podem dir que tenim un entorn social fort entre els joves i un munt de persones implicades en moviments socials (no només els punks o els anarquistes). És molt fàcil trobar-se amb els amics i tocar. En el nostre cas, som amics des de petits, llavors ens ha estat encara més fàcil compondre junts i crear la banda.

Parlem una mica de ‘Sapere Aude’. Per mi, en general teniu un son bo i coherent. Heu canviat la manera d'escriure o gravar durant la gravació del nou disc? On l’ heu gravat? Crec que fa poc hi ha hagut un canvi al vostre line-up, oi? Com va anar això? Com ha afectat a la banda?

Aquest àlbum és especial per a nosaltres, ja que és el primer que vam gravar a la sala d'assajos. Vam fer el mixing i el mastering amb en Xavi de EM Estudi. Ens fa molta il·lusió el so final i estem esperant el llançament final en vinil. Quant a composar, com et vam comentar abans, ens ha estat fàcil escriure cançons i tocar junts perquè som amics íntims i ens coneixem prou i, el més important, ens encanta la música.

Aquest últim disc també és especial perquè és l'últim amb el Sergi, un dels nostres guitarristes. Ha deixat la banda: el Smint, el nostre baterista fins ara, tocarà la guitarra amb el Guim. Ha estat un any dur per això. Haver gravat l'àlbum tot i no poder presentar-lo en directe. Els últims mesos hem estat tocant concerts de nou gràcies al Lluís, un altre amic nostre del nostre poble que toca la bateria molt bé (fins i tot abans no tocava crüst). Tot i això, la idea és que el Pau, un altre amic de la infància de Molins sigui el nou baterista de la banda.

Quin equip utilitzeu per tocar en directe? És diferent del equip que utilitzeu en gravar?

Utilitzem gairebé el mateix equip en esdeveniments en directe que en enregistraments. L’únic canvi és que vam gravar amb el kit de bateria d’un amic que ens va deixar jugar amb el seu (perquè és un millor kit de bateria). La resta és exactament el mateix. (Amplificadors de guitarra Orange Dual terror i Peavey 5150 amb armari 2x12 de color taronja i un armari de peavey 4x12; Amperi Ampeg per al baix amb un armari Orange 4x12). Les parts netes de guitarra de l’àlbum Sapere Aude els vam gravar amb l’Orange Dual Terror perquè preferíem el so.

Volia parlar del vostres plans de gira però em sembla que ara mateix es un tema una mica sensible per tota la merda que està passant a tot arreu i sobretot la incertesa que hi ha...Aleshores potser que és millor parlar del lloc pel qual us faria més il·lusió anar de gira?

Com ja saps teníem en compte anar a Euskadi per 3 espectacles i després ir a Irlanda per tocar 3 espectacles més. Tot i això, vam haver de cancel·lar-ho tot a causa de la Pandèmia ...
Tenim en ment encara venir a Irlanda i potser fer una gira de 2-3 setmanes en agost a Alemanya, França, Dinamarca, Holanda, Polònia, República Txeca i Suïssa per presentar “oficialment” el disc Sapere Aude. Però veurem... Tots estem treballant en diferents treballs de merda i ara mateix és massa difícil trobar dies lliures per viatjar junts.

Quin va ser el vostre primer concert? On heu tocat i quin va ser la millor comida que heu probat estant de gira?

El nostre primer concert va ser exactament un any després de crear la banda. Va ser en setembre del 2015 a Kasablanka, una altra okupa a Molins que ha estat okupada des del 1996. Va ser durant les celebracions locals a la nostra ciutat.
A la majoria dels llocs on vam tocar hi ha hagut comida vegana boníssima i és difícil triar o  recordar-ho tot. Però si n’hem d’escollir-ne, destacaria l’increïble sopar que vam tenir a Lübeck durant la gira d’estiu del 2018: pebrots farcits amb verdures, tot condimentat perfectament i cuits al forn. Deliciós!

Canteu només en català? Jo respecto molt la vostra elecció i la veritat m’encanta el so i la sensació del català. A més a més, joder, prou ja de tot en anglès! Però m'encantaria sentir què en penseu, per què heu triat escriure en català i per què és tan important per a vosaltres? 

Sí, cantem en català. També cantem en castellà però només una petita part a l’última cançó del primer disc (La extinción del Humano), una altra mica a la 2a (La última de les tempestades) i 1 cançó sencera sobre els zapatistes al disc Sapere Aude que la lletra és del Eduardo Galeano que va escriure en castellà (Príncipes Condenados a la Servidumbre).
És una pregunta interessant [per a nosaltres] "per què és tan important per a nosaltres cantar en català"; Intentarem explicar-ho en poques paraules: 
Tots hem nascut a Catalunya, que potser alguns de vosaltres sabran que avui dia pertany a Espanya. Però si busqueu una mica la nostra història veureu que no ha sigut sempre així ... Hi ha hagut una persecució de la Cultura Catalana des que vam perdre la guerra del 1714 contra la put* família Borbons (Felip V era el rei en aquell moment). Aquesta persecució ha estat més notòria durant la dictadura de Franco quan vam perdre la Guerra Civil iniciada a Espanya el 1936. Totes les idees anarquistes que estaven en el seu màxim esplendor abans de començar la guerra van ser totalment destruïdes. Dos dies després que el puto feixista, Franco, morís pacíficament al seu llit el 1975, el rei Juan Carlos de Borbó (descendent de Felip V i pare de l'actual rei d'Espanya, Felip VI) suposadament va assumir el control d'Espanya. Des d'aquest moment, es va dir a la gent que Espanya era, i encara ho és, un tipus de monarquia parlamentària. Les nostres mares i pares van créixer pensant que després de la Guerra Civil qualsevol cosa seria millor; i va ser el seu error...Després de 40 anys de dictadura, Espanya no estava en la línia de competir contra França, Alemanya i tots els altres països "grans" d'Europa. La modernització i el progrés dels darrers anys va ser mental, els temps han canviat molt i el feixisme també s'ha canviat de roba. Però el problema avui dia és encara més gran a causa del capitalisme i d'aquesta dictadura econòmica que regna a gairebé tots els països del món … Però tornant a la teva pregunta, probablement us preguntareu per què a una banda anarquista li preocupa la divisió de països o alguna merda d’ aquestes... res més que la realitat:
La cosa és que estem en contra de qualsevol tipus de feixisme o qualsevol forma que es faci. La realitat aquí a Espanya avui dia és que encara tenim governants franquistes, però ara van vestits de corbata de luxe. Tenim més corrupció política que en qualsevol altre país europeu a la UE, i la injustícia social i la misèria s'estan estenent ràpidament, com a la resta del món, ràpidament. No creiem en cap tipus d’estat català o alguna cosa així, només volem expressar-nos lliurement en totes les llengües i cultures diferents que tenim aquí de tot el món. De fet, probablement saps que es va fer un referèndum aquí a Catalunya, com va passar a Escòcia, sobre ser un país independent. La majoria de la gent va votar per no pertànyer a la merda d'Espanya. L’Estat Central espanyol il·legalitza la votació i després d’això, la persecució violenta contra la Cultura Catalana o simplement persones que no estan d’acord amb la situació ha arribat al punt que estaba en temps de dictadura (persones a la presó només per escriure algunes paraules contra l’estat feixista espanyol a les xarxes socials, persecució de músics i artistes, i en definitiva, de totes les persones que es plantegen contra el feixisme). Estem en contra d’aquest Estat espanyol racista, xenòfob i feixista que encara persegueix totes les idees que són diferents de la seva. Molta gent està despertant-se contra la injustícia social i la corrupció. Veiem a la Independència una oportunitat per canviar el paradigma, provar noves idees, debatre, construir-nos un país just i ser, per què no?!, el catalitzador per a l’alliberament de la resta de zones a Espanya (com Euskadi, Astúries ...). Ens sentim catalans perquè són les nostres arrels, de la mateixa manera que Bakunin se sentia rus, no en termes d’identitat nacional.
Ens és igual si la gent vol sentir-se espanyola, catalana o irlandesa. Ens importen les persones que estan cansades de la misèria i la pobresa, cansats de les idees feixistes de la Unió Europea i del capitalisme global que els Estats Units van obligar a la resta del món. I per acabar, fixeu-vos que som bilingües i que parlem perfectament castellà i català. Però cantem en català perquè és la nostra llengua, la que parlem cada dia de la nostra vida.

Thanks to Themis for translating the interview!

´Sapere Aude´ ja está disponible per PRE-RESERVA!!